Our daughter was under Ms. Rehana’s care from seven months, when we first we placed our daughter into a group daycare environment. Ms. Rehana had been the headteacher in the infant room for 13 years and the more I observed Ms. Rehana, the more I was amazed by her intuitive understanding of infants and toddlers.  She knew how to calm a crying child. She would make them feel loved and accepted. She was one of the few who could get our daughter to accept the bottle and to take a nap.  She also created an environment that encouraged motor, verbal, and life skill development – whether it was learning to eat finger food independently, mimicking sights and sounds during storytime, exploring the garden, or teaching them to find and put away their morning “work” in the toddler play area. She never got tired of watching each little child reach a new developmental milestone. You could tell Ms. Rehana’s delight from the sparkle in her eye. New moms would come to her for advice.  She is adept at applying the Montessori principles to the infant and toddlers, preparing them to be their own little independent helpful people, ready for the next phase of development. Ms. Rehana’s understanding and connection with infants and toddlers is a rare gift.