Our Philosophy

We know that every working parent has to endure stress due to their career and want to leave their children in a safe and caring haven for their peace of mind. At Playful Platos Montessori & Childcare we keep in mind how would we want our own children to be cared for if we leave them somewhere.

The most important factor for us to thrive is to have happy children. Happy children are children who are loved and cared for and we promise to do just that. The most important feeling for a child is to feel loved and we would try to build a strong bond with each child so that your child will build trust with us.

At Playful Platos we encourage each child to become deep thinkers and problem solvers. Our Montessori Programs are structured in a way that promotes independence and self-paced learning. We believe that the child has limitless potential at this age and we try to provide an environment that encourages learning and self-exploration.

Children learn best when they are working independently. Developing motor skills & focus on a child is a very important aspect of the Montessori Method. Motor skills are those which require whole-body movement and which involve the large and small muscles of the body to perform everyday functions, such as transferring objects from one hand to the other, pouring from one container to the other, or doing pin punch to master their pencil grip.  Children should be provided with a safe but challenging environment where they can explore and learn and still have fun all day long. At Playful Platos Montessori we have ample equipment indoor and outdoor which are updated regularly according to the themes. This helps the children with this very important skill development.

We are listed at Citylocal Pro as leading Montessori in Ashburn. We have been operating in this business for years and this site has not only helped us to interact with the targeted audience but to grab potential customers too.