Dear Mrs. Malik,

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you have done teaching Brandon this year. You have injected him with the learning bug! As you may recall, when school started Brandon was a child that, even though very bright, had little to no interest in academics. It was a huge ordeal at home to try to get him to learn any topic. However, his attitude changed in no time. By October we noticed a huge change. Brandon was not only reading Bob Books, but practicing on his own every day after school without been prompted. He would also practice his penmanship and numbers, and even ask his sister to help him with it. He was so proud of what he could do. To him learning new things and being able to successfully complete them gave him a sense of pride. Our son would come home excited every week to share with us the work he had completed. He would go over each one letting us know which once were harder to complete. He wanted us to know that it had been “hard work” as he put it.

As you know David and I are returning parents and were very impressed with the academic instruction Gia received 9 years ago from you. However, with Brandon, we were overly impressed. In under 2 months, Brandon went from a child that showed “0” interested in school work to a child that looked forward to learning every day. He still doesn’t want to wake up early to go to school, but he loves going. Especially spending time and learning together with his friends.  We are very excited to say that “our son loves recess just as much as he does his academic classes”. And I believe that for a 5 yr old, that’s saying a lot.


Dear Mrs. Malik

Thank you for the care you provide to Penelope and Frances. It’s heartwarming to know they are in a place with caring teachers.


We are grateful for your love and patience with Julian. He has shown great improvement since you became his teacher. Best wishes


Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to Maila. She always comes home excited to tell us about all the new things she’s learning in class. Thank you for nurturing her mind, teaching her patience, kindness, and respect, and providing her with a positive learning environment.

The Harris Family