Infant/Toddler Childcare (Tiny Tots) Class

Ages 0 – 18 months

The Guiding Principle For Our Montessori School & Infant Daycare Ashburn VA At Playful Platos:

“Careful studies have concluded that the first two years are the most important in the whole span of human life.” (The Absorbent Mind)

We recognize the importance of the early stages of a child’s life and all the associated opportunities for growth, development, and exploration. Our Infant Daycare Ashburn VA is specifically designed to stimulate infants cognitively. We do this through their day to day routine which includes their emotional learning, literacy & language, and their physical development & health.

Every aspect of the learning environment is curated to promote these opportunities. Both the layout of the classroom and the structure of the curriculum are designed to promote sensorial learning, as toddler-aged children learn best through seeing, touching, feeling, and hearing. The big windows in the classroom give children the opportunity to visualize the outdoors and connect with nature. Our day to day activities for Infant Program In Ashburn VA focuses on to create an environment that empowers the brains of the infant to institute imperative relations and also build strong learning skills.

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The Montessori Schooling classroom is filled with objects to touch and the layout of the environment allows for mobility to support the infants’ and toddlers’ transition to walking. The Infant Daycare instructors not only provide care but encourage skill-building by administering activities that support children’s developmental milestones. Our curriculum for toddler programs in Ashburn VA is carefully designed to assist them in developing the fundamentals for early brain development through communication, attention, and bonding.

Your toddler will be learning to count, verbalize sentences, find out their musical and artistic abilities. To stimulate the children’s auditory senses, the instructors play music and sing songs. More imperatively, they read to the children, both individually and in group settings, to expose them to meaningful sounds and words that will smooth their transition towards reading comprehension in their later years.

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Did you know that Playful Platos is being managed by highly experienced and qualified staff? Yes, all of our staff members are trained and are highly qualified in teaching. Our teachers are well aware of the latest teaching methods and pay careful attention to each child to make sure that they get the proper attention they need to discover themselves to their maximum aptitude.

The rich classroom environment and the instructors’ unparalleled care work together to create a supportive atmosphere where young children can flourish, specifically in their critical first years of development. This is what sets apart Playful Platos Child Care from other daycare providers in the Greater Northern Virginia area. Search for the best Daycare Near Me in Ashburn VA and you are bound to find us among the top daycare service providers in the town.

Playful Platos Provides Learning Programs For Infant Daycare In Ashburn VA:

Our learning environment of Infant program in Ashburn VA primarily focuses on how to encourage the development of the infants, socially and emotionally. We keep the safety of your children on top of our priority list. We make sure that all the basic medicines are available at our school, as we’ll look after your children with exceptional care.

We try to nurture curiosity through innovative and active teaching. At our infant daycare in Ashburn VA, we’ve designed an amazing environment to foster the daily development of the minds of the infants and bodies. When you search for Childcare Near Me in Ashburn VA, you are bound to find us on the first page of the search engine results. We are more than just a daycare services provider. Your little ones start their learning journey with us. We will be working with you to ensure the transition is smooth while we create a strong bond which sets the feels like we are all a family.