Before and After School Care Program

Ages 7 – 12 years

Why should you limit your child to one enrichment program?

We know how difficult it is to be able to provide all the enrichment activities that you want to for your child, without being overwhelmed as a parent. At Playful Platos we want to provide the parents with peace of mind that their school-age children will be provided with a safe & structured environment to promote their development. In our before and after school program, we offer a different Kindergarten Program & enrichment program daily which will help your child to discover his hidden talents with our Dance & Music, Tae-Kwondo, STEM, Show & tell (practice public speaking), Art, Cooking, Yoga, and Library.

The children after pick-up from their schools will come here and enjoy a snack, and then they will get help for their homework assignments before they immerse themselves in our enrichment activities.

Before and After School Programs:

Our before and after school programs are the best in town. We believe that children should be exposed to different extra-curricular activities so they can explore their personalities to find out their passion. This is why we offer different enrichment opportunities to the child every day in the comfort of our beautiful facility:

  • Music & Dance to develop a love of rhythm (Mercier School of Dance)
  • Taekwondo to develop discipline (Tiger Den)
  • STEM to appreciate science and engineering (Based on Scholastic Materials & Lego)
  • Art and craft to get their creative juices working (Celebrating festivals around the world)
  • Cooking to help learn the nutritional value of food and this improves their sense of smell, touch, sight & taste. (Make a snack one day of the week)
  • Yoga helps them calm themselves and focus (whenever we need to focus)
  • Show & tell to promote public speaking (Every Tuesday)You Can Find Us With:
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  • Childcare Near MeArea’s We Serve:
    Ashburn VA, Brambleton VA, Broadlands VA, Loudoun VA