The purpose of the work in a Montessori classroom is to provide opportunities for the child to concentrate, to control and coordinate muscles, to make choices, to become independent and responsible, to act with care, to focus, to analyze logical steps and complete a cycle of activity.

The child works to master the activity and to practice and perfect his abilities, for the successful completion of the work cycle; the child becomes calm and satisfied and develops an inner peace. A child learns self-control and develops a healthy self-image when the work is real. The child learns to be independent. One of the most calming activities for a child is concentration.

Allowing the child to participate in the life he sees going on around him is brings reality to the child in a subtle way. It helps him to feel important to himself and to those around him and he feels needed. It is the basis of teaching him to live in this world and co-exist with others.

The parent does not always have the time to include the child in everything and should not feel bad about this. It is helpful to begin with one thing, perhaps putting the napkins on the table for a meal, and gradually adding to the tasks in which the child can participate, and little by little takeover. Soon we will begin to learn from the child how to bring our whole selves, mental, physical, and spiritual, to the task of the moment, to focus on each thing we do, and to enjoy each moment of life. Success may come slowly in the beginning, as we learn how to "Follow the child."