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Little Philosophers at Work

Little Philosophers at Work

Tiny Tots

Infant/Toddler Childcare Class

Ages 0 – 18 months

The guiding principle for our Infant & Toddler program at Playful Platos is:

“Careful studies have concluded that the first two years are the most important in the whole span of human life.” (The Absorbent Mind)

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Pre-Primary Montessori Class

Ages 18 months – 3 years

In our Pre-Primary Classroom teachers stimulate the natural curiosity of children to promote independence among students. They embrace the following mantra:

“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” -Maria Montessori

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Primary Montessori Class

Ages 3 – 6 years

The primary class serves students between the ages of three and six years old. The classroom, under the guidance and supervision of a certified Montessori teacher, offers limitless learning opportunities catering to children with all types of interests and abilities.

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Before & After School Care

Before & After School Program

Ages 7 years – 12 years

We provide peace of mind to the parents that their school-age children will be provided with a safe & structured environment to promote their development with a whole bunch of enrichment activities, homework help, and snack.

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Enrichment Program

All Ages

Our Enrichment Programs are the best in town. We believe that children should be exposed to different extra-curricular activities so they can explore their personalities to find out their passion. This is why we offer different enrichment opportunities to the child every day in the comfort of our beautiful facility:

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AMS Certified Staff

Our Montessori certified teachers are members of the American Montessori Society (AMS) and their years of experience as Lead teachers make them well versed in setting up their classrooms.

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Preschool In Ashburn VA Opens Doors Of Learning For Children:

The learning process of a child starts from the day he or she is born, and we are strong believers of quality learning. Our Preschool Ashburn VA is a depiction of what we envision and our perspective on your child’s growth! In support of our vision and views, we have introduced a quality infant program for your little ones to help them develop independent and strong personalities. It doesn’t matter if you can’t find enough time from your job or can’t pay ample attention towards your young toddlers because our child daycare is not just a safe place for your toddlers to learn but also develop their own sense of belonging with the world.

Your child’s learning process is in safe hands when you choose our preschool in Ashburn VA. We make sure that your child is introduced to all those things which will help enhance his or her learning process and help him/ her become better individuals for you. We instill the best social behaviors in your child by creating a healthy and learning environment or your child. The process of quality learning depends on the surroundings of your toddlers, and this is why our preschool in Ashburn is the best option for you because we open the doors of quality learning for them.

Our Staff Members For Preschool Ashburn VA, Proven To Be Great Mentors:

Our preschool in Ashburn VA is not just a place for your toddlers to spend the day. Our Childcare Program is a complete package to enhance the learning process of your child. We have trained and certified staff working for us who know how to cater to the requirements of your young toddlers. We understand the mood swings and the temperament of a toddler and treat every child while keeping them in their comfort zone.

We select our staff members keeping in mind that they will be the ones who will be instilling certain traits and values into your child. This is why at our Preschool Ashburn VA you will only find the finest of the teachers with commendable values and behavior which they consign to your toddlers with the help of genuine practicality. Our Staff members are entrusted with the responsibility of creating a favorable environment for your child in order to set a basis for him/her to become a better individual, polished and groomed to perfection.

Preschool Ashburn VA

When we take the responsibility of your child in our Preschool in Ashburn VA, we make sure that your child is entertained in the best way possible as well as learns new things every day. This is why we have devised different kinds of activities for your child so that they can enjoy and learn on the go! We ensure the use of your child’s time in the most perfect way. Our child daycare is a place where your child’s learning journey begins.

If you look preschool Ashburn VA on the internet, you will find a number of Preschools, but you won’t find a preschool which offers the kind of services we do. Our activities are personality building focused which means we strive hard to mold your kid’s personality into that of a more composed and courageous child which makes them better individuals at socializing. It also helps them perform well in the coming years of their life. Our Preschool Ashburn VA provides a platform for your child to explore him or herself in different ways which won’t be possible at home.


Playful Platos is a Montessori School In Ashburn VA which provide opportunities for the child to concentrate, to control and coordinate muscles, to make choices, to become independent and responsible, to act with care, to focus, to analyze logical steps and complete a cycle of activity.

The child works to master the activity and to practice and perfect his abilities, for the successful completion of the work cycle; the child becomes calm and satisfied and develops an inner peace. A child learns self-control and develops a healthy self-image when the work is real. The child learns to be independent; one of the most calming activities for a child is concentration. Playful Platos offers the facility to the children to help realize their potential by helping them developing interests towards their skills and likings.


Allowing the child to participate in the life he sees going on around him is brings reality to the child in a subtle way. It helps him to feel important to himself and to those around him and he feels needed. It is the basis of teaching him to live in this world and co-exist with others. That is why, Playful Platos focuses individually on every child to give them the attention they need to progress. Every Montessori kid universe tends to create an atmosphere that suits best to the thinking capability and the nature of every child.


Playful Platos focuses on elevating the capability of the children by helping them mature in the environment that suits them best. The parent does not always have the time to include the child in everything and should not feel bad about this. It is helpful to begin with one thing, perhaps putting the napkins on the table for a meal, and gradually adding to the tasks in which the child can participate, and little by a little takeover. Soon we will begin to learn from the child how to bring our whole selves, mental, physical, and spiritual, to the task of the moment, to focus on each thing we do, and to enjoy each moment of life. Success may come slowly in the beginning, as we learn how to “Follow the child.”


Other Virginia Areas We Serve:

Brambleton VA,  Broadlands VA,  Loudoun VA

Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world – Maria Montessori

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